Post – 18th July 2018 – A

18 Jul Post – 18th July 2018 – A

Post – 18th July 2018

The Official End of the Russian Collusion Delusion

The media both in Australia and overseas is so corrupt and controlled by the Deep State, it means that only citizen journalists/bloggers, are able to interpret/relay the truth. Thus transparent information dissemination is what I shall endeavour to continue to do on this blog. Hence, unfortunately you will hear this news here first, rather than treasonous public entities such as the ABC/SBS, which are ASIO/Deep State Government organisations who deliberately tell the opposite of the truth.

The Mueller/Rosenstein investigation of President Trump is done. Cactus Profundus. The Helsinki Summit has ended this. Furthermore the Deep State is also done – burnt to a black crisp on the BBQ. Now think hangings ….. with John Brennan to start.

Q has explained this all last year but here’s why:

The forensic examination of the MSM alleged DNC hack demonstrates that it was impossible that Russia was involved. Putin is telling the truth.

Yes, the constant 24/7 MSM libel over the past two years is a HOAX and they always knew it was. The evidence has been available since the get go but it has been covered up. As Q says dark to light and the time to reveal has come.

This is just a show. Mueller and Rosenstein are actually White Hats and part of the Q plan. Three days ago Mueller filed an indictment against 12 GRU (Russian Main Intelligence Directorate) agents in the District of Columbia Court. The MSM went crazy. Little did they know but they were being set-up and trolled again by President Trump. The indictment was against a ham sandwich – a non-entity with no evidence at all.

So back to the forensic stuff. The MSM has always said that Guccifer 2.0 was actually the GRU under Putin’s instructions. The big G has never been identified but the MSM swears it was all evil Russia, who incidentally had defeated their internal Deep State years ago. The MSM say Guccifer 2.0 was the one who sent Wikileaks the DNC emails before the election. The Russians were under the bed. But hold those horses or bed bugs…..

The forensics conclusively shows that the hacking data file transfer rates to Guccifer 2.0 from the DNC server over the internet could not be any faster than 12 Megabytes/sec. The technology could not support anything faster. Importantly, embedded in the files were the dates and times of the downloaded hack. For the hack to have occurred at a remote location by the big G then a minimum of 49 Megabytes would be needed for the slowest data set download. Remember these forensics are able to be independently verifiable by anyone as data like this can not be scrubbed.

Which means the Russians 100% could NOT have hacked the DNC! Let that sink in.

Furthermore the big G released two main sets of emails. Forensics show that they were fabricated, manipulated and spliced after analysis of the data sets. The possibility that they were not tampered with is 10 to the power 100. Now anyone with any understanding of maths will know that Guccifer 2.0 is a 100% fraud. Sorry Deep State.

Now remember the MSM tells us that all 17 agencies have said that the Russians hacked the DNC and have therefore demanded the President apologise for supporting Putin. Well lets explore this a little further…..

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