Post – 24th June 2018

24 Jun Post – 24th June 2018

Post – 24th June 2018

The views expressed in this post are the sole opinions of Dr Russell McGregor, Psychiatrist. The views do NOT represent anyone else at The Northern Beaches Psychiatrist and Psychologist Family Medical Practice. The practice is now closed.

An interesting coincidence occurred last week. I wrote another email to my local constituents, Tony Abbott, MP (Federal) and Bradley Hazzard, MP (State). This pertained to the non-reply for two months of my previous email to them outlined in a prior post on this blog. The prior email requested clarification of whether Australia had spied on The Trump campaign using the Five Eyes surveillance network – which is an Act of War. I specifically asked if there had been collusion with the UK (GCHQ document was attached), as Q had stated that this had occurred by UK/AUS via an Obama Directive, in order to subvert the 2016 American election. I also asked if there could be an audit of the monies spent by Australia on the Clinton Foundation and whether any kickbacks to Australian’s had occurred from the CF. Importantly I wanted to know the names of any Australians involved in possible surveillance of the Trump campaign including politicians.

Oddly (sarcasm) there had been no reply for two months, even though they are bound to do so within a magnitude of days. Hence I rewrote to them both last week and sent these emails on multiple occasions to prevent them denying they had received them. I did this previously as well. This time one of the offices refused to send a conformatory reply of the email so I sent another one again until they did so. They verbally refused to give me a timeframe for their reply.

To be sure, each of these Politican’s were fully aware in written form of the Political Abuse of Psychiatry that had resulted in my Right to Practice Medicine being removed. I had also even attended their respective offices in Manly and Dee Why and had an extensive interview with them on one occasion.

They eventually denied my request to have support of Q/President Trump verified as a non-Psychotic Politically valid position and thrown out by their use of ASIO/Political knowledge. They chose to do nothing, in full knowledge of the enormous ramifications for my patients, staff and me. Thus, therefore, they each chose the side of being anti-Q, and pro-Deep State. This is hardly surprising given their historical track record (need I mention Cecil Rhodes as an example).

When I spoke to one of the office operatives last week I mentioned offhand that I was unemployed due to The Liberal Party. In other words I was blaming the Liberal Party for the fact that they did not prevent The Political Abuse of Psychiatry that has cost me my career and made me bankrupt. I also made it known I was going to the media.

In my new request to have my previous letter answered about the Australian Governement committing an Act of War against America by subverting their election, I also asked whether Alexander Downer was acting as an Intelligence Operative (known to our Governemnt) with regard to the Steele Dossier.

Moving forward to Thursday – three days later. The Medical Council of NSW wrote an email saying that they had suddenly had “new information” which could enable an s150c Tribunal Hearing as to my case urgently occurring on Tuesday. They did not supply any information as to what this “new information” entails. My lawyer says he has never heard of this happening before in his considerable working history with the Council.

Its great news that Q is now going mainstream and is an unstoppable force. President Trump even pointed to a chap in a Q t-shirt at the Duluth Rally.

Strange. Q tells us there are no coincidences.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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