Post – 16th June 2018

16 Jun Post – 16th June 2018

Post – 16th June 2018

The views expressed in this post are the sole opinions of Dr Russell McGregor, Psychiatrist. The views do not represent the opinions of anyone else at The Northern Beaches Psychiatrist and Psychologist Family Medical Practice. The practice is closed.

So many corrupt practices contained in the IG Report Patriots. We already knew most of them via Q. Finally the Deep State is being exposed to the light. The Awan breaches of security will swamp any of the breaches thus far exposed publically. Thus we are really just seeing the stage being set.

The MSM is not discussing the “crimes against children” by Hillary Clinton. It is there on page 294 in plain daylight. Thankfully twitter is lighting up about it. Nice to see some more lovely photos of Bathhouse Barry by Q. The many sick hunters are now being hunted! President Trump is ramping up his war on child traffickers and pedophiles/worse.

Anyways if there are any American voters reading this, then please write to your Congress Representative and request the release of the FULL unredacted IG Report. This Report just released is simply a Modified redacted one. This is important for optics even though President Trump can release it by the stroke of a pen.


It really is going to be a show from now on. Patriots worldwide are on the attack as from the 14th June IG Report. Q says President Trump is feeling great. He should, he knows the rest is going to be downhill.

The world will turn. Many will be overwhelmed by the upcoming Satanism driving the elites who control us. Good, decent, moral Patriots are combating those who wish the sordid system to remain. Please do your part and use social media or whatever means you have to spread the truth. The Government and MSM will do everything they can to prevent the information from getting out, but we must use whatever tools we have as best we can. We are literally fighting for our freedom from pure Evil.

Another good site for Q proofs to Red Pill normies is

If you want Real News from inside trusted sources for Patriots then the following sites are tried and true over the years:

on Youtube – Dr Jerome Corsi, Hannity, Judge Judy, Sara Carter, Tucker Carlson, X22 Report, Lionel Nation (for fun)

on Twitter –  Praying Medic (Simple concise summaries), #qanan, @tracybeanz, @lizcrokin

obviously the following Q related info is important:

and the main 8Chan Board – and then click on the latest Welcome to Q General Research (written in Red with people hoisting an American flag). This is up to the minute cutting edge stuff which requires months of lurking to understand the systems/speech. Deep State trolls do exist on the Boards.

Anyone with a modicum of commonsense and life experience should understand the logic behind the information presented and be familiar with it.

These are the simple sites to gain initial info about the Deep State. There are many more intelligence driven sites with higher level stuff but they have disinfo contained which will hinder/confuse normies. They require years of knowledge.

Spread the word. Your future and your children’s future depend upon it. Bring on The Australian Treason Trials (ATT’s).

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

twitter – @KillAuDeepState



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