Post – 12th June 2018

12 Jun Post – 12th June 2018

Post – 12th June 2018

The views expressed in this post are the sole opinions of Dr Russell McGregor, Psychiatrist. The views do NOT represent the opinions of anyone else at The Northern Beaches Psychiatrist and Psychologist Family Medical Practice.

Ok Patriots, less than thirty minutes to go until the Trump/Kim summit starts in Singapore. Relax, it’s all a show. As Q has posted many times and then again just this morning the deal has already been done when they met in the Forbidden City in November last year. Q says we are just witnessing a Movie Script being played out. This will all go swimmingly and the Media will be aghast. The MSM tried to weaken Trump for the negotiations via the G7, but they know not that it was a futile evil act. Kim is now free. In a sense he is just on holiday enjoying the sites. The anons on the 8Chan boards wonder if the real truth of the Deep State control of Kim will ever be revealed…that is up to the President.

The interesting part is the Q references to recent disinfo actors – presumably by EyeTheSpy and Backchannel17 pertaining to Seth Rich and Julian Assange. Q says that the Democrat server release will be the conclusion to this sordid saga. Nevertheless it does seem that JA and SR will very soon be personally playing a lead role. They have been identified as true Patriots.

Q confirmed the authenticity of the Q-Clock with a drop exactly to the minute recently on June 3rd. Q has further confirmed the clock by stating “start the clock”. In other words the next week will be the week to “remember”. Indeed Q says we are not only in the throws of history but the world will turn in a “biblical” sense! Truly gigantic political changes will occur in the Satanist takedown.

The recent suicides have been alluded to being hits by the Deep State to avoid exposure, and in hindsight were predicted by the Q-clock. There must be many people in the killbox and unsure/terrified about what to do. Q is once again saying these people have a choice but their time is almost up. The purpose of Q is manifest. This choice includes Rosenstein who has a double killbox to his name. Huber is ready to role with prosecutions. The Five Eye Traitors will be exposed.

Lets hope President Trump and Kim have adequate security, there is a real risk of a Deep State hit on them in Singapore. It is their last hope.

Keep spreading the truth Aussie Patriots. Use social media. This is most important. Good must prevail over Evil. This is our only chance.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

PS – I have started a twitter account – @KillAuDeepState

Follow Q:

r/greatawakening on reddit and click on the latest Q_ANON RESEARCH picture with the hoisting of the American flag – eg: Q Research General

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