Post – 4th June 2018 – B

04 Jun Post – 4th June 2018 – B

Post – 4th June 2018 – B

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Q is back!

After “10 days of darkness” Q has finally posted again. There are multiple booms forecast this week. The 8chan boards are pumping out non-stop intel on Deep State crimes. The counterattack is going to hit with a vengeance.

Some celebrities have come out in support of President Trump, these will increase over the next few months. No compromised actors will be accepted. Hollywood fiends will be taken down.

Remember Q has said that PATRIOTS HAVE NO SKIN COLOUR. Watch for Deep State attacks and false flags as they are being taken down. We will collectively ascend into higher morals and service to others after the evil grip of the Deep State is removed. Our society will change significantly and positively once we realise the full extent of the crimes committed and the directions they have led us. Many will be distraught to see their world view so drastically altered.

Interestingly there is some chat that the NK summit could change from Singapore to Vladivostok. The MSM of course will never pick up on this and is completely oblivious. Personally I would prefer Moscow on the 12th June as a curtain raiser to the World Cup. Go the Socceroos!!!!

Russia deserves some joy after the continual filth and lies that has been thrown at the people by the Deep State over the past few years. Similarly, 500 Russian troops were slaughtered by the USA with B52 bombers in Syria just a couple of months ago, although this has been covered up by the Western MSM. Trump did not give the orders. Logistically and in terms of security Russia would be a better fit, however ultimately President Trump will decide. I also like the backhand it would give the Deep State too. Nevertheless the ultimate result has already been determined and will be a grand/historical peace. I feel that an end to the 70 odd year war will occur too.

After NK, Trump will secure peace with the peoples of Iran. He will genuinely achieve World Peace as the Deep State will be taken out of the equation. A realignment with Russia will occur after the Russian Collusion Delusion is fully exposed.

Lastly, I will comment on my Constituent letter to The Hon, Tony Abbott, MP uploaded in a previous post. The Five Eyes spying finally hit the mainstream news on Fox in the USA this week. The MSM in Australia continues to cover it up. It has been three months and Mr Abbott has still not replied. I requested information on whether Australia had wiretapped President Trump’s campaign and whether Australia was aware that the UK had done so at the behest of Obama. I also wanted information on Alexander Downer’s role and monies paid to The Clinton Foundation. As a constituent he is obliged to reply. Interesting that he has not done so. I will take it further.

The Australian Treason Trials (ATT’s) are drawing nearer. Enjoy the show.

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Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

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