Post – 13th May 2018 – A

13 May Post – 13th May 2018 – A

The views expressed in this post are the sole opinions of Dr Russell McGregor, Psychiatrist. The views do NOT represent the opinions of anyone else at The Northern Beaches Psychiatrist and Psychologist Family Medical Practice.

Today I shall begin with information regarding the current state of play in the takedown of the deepstate and then finish with an attempt to clarify the distress/confusion in the Patriot movement with respect to the schism of Q in the past few days.

No doubt President Trump is enjoying the Grand Show. He has full control and is simply moving through the well constructed and detailed acts which have been masterminded in concert with his Generals. I believed that the process would be somewhat quicker, however it is necessary to remove black hats in the FBI/CIA/DOJ before prosecutions can begin. This is reliant upon legal processes which can be drawn out. POTUS is doing this by the book and must be seen to be at arms length.

The Inspector General Report has been put back to mid-June. It has been delayed by further information becoming available – which is not a bad thing. Horowitz and Huber are white hats and will drop the hammer when it is ready.

The biggest game in town is the non-release of the one million FBI documents from the DOJ. Gowdy and Nunes want them released to Congress but the DOJ is stalling. These ought to have been released one year ago. Congress may well subpoena them via a contempt action. Sessions will act when they are available. It is possible that they are being used in a secret Grand Jury and this explains the delay. Nevertheless they will come out as POTUS can release them himself. Even Paul Ryan, the well known traitor, wants them to come out. He has obviously signed a plea bargain and is “graciously” leaving Congress.

Essentially what will be exposed is the collusion between Obama/Clinton/FBI/CIA to subvert the democratic process for the deepstate. The FBI inserted agents, either Carter Page and/or Stefan Halper, into the Trump campaign in order to entrap Trump for Russian espionage. Later the drunken meeting between Alexander Downer and Papadopolous in London was used as an excuse to begin the FISA warrant, along with the Steele dossier, alleging Russia was supplying dirt on Hillary Clinton via hacking of emails. This surveillance was then centred upon the inserted agent(s), who would talk to anyone about Russian intrigue. The important note for Australians is that the fraudulent intel was provided from Downer to the Australian Embassy in London and then relayed to Obama/Clinton. In other words the Australian Government was up to their ears in this subversion of American democracy. Alexander Downer must be cross examined in a court of law to see if he was a patsy or not. I have no idea which country has jurisdiction.

It seems that Rosenstein and Mueller were compromised black hats who have turned white hat for the Grand Show. Essentially each was deeply involved in 9/11, Benghazi and Uranium One. However they were afraid of the Clinton Machine murdering them or their families. If they had of attempted to garner information against the deepstate then Holder at the DOJ would have refused to prosecute in any case. They would die for nothing.

On a positive note, Flynn will be fully exonerated soon and the Mueller investigation will be disgraced.

There is now speculation that Q is Flynn’s Team. This is quite possible as he has the Military background, knows President Trump well, and is a true patriot.

A few days ago the NZ Government gave millions to the Clinton Foundation. Five Eyes blackmail or kickbacks is likely.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

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