Post 13th May 2018 – D

13 May Post 13th May 2018 – D

The views expressed in this post are the sole opinions of Dr Russell McGregor, Psychiatrist. The views do NOT represent the opinions of anyone else at The Northern Beaches Psychiatrist and Psychologist Family Medical Practice.

Option 1:

Q has been compromised by deepstate/CIA/NSA/FBI etc operatives.

There have been recent tripcode changes, with a brief loss of password a few days ago. However the 8Chan Board Owner/Pamphlet and Code Monkey say that there was no compromise that they could see. Dr Jerome Corsi feels that Q was taken over on 28th April 2018 and that his intel sources are clear that 8chan can be hacked.

Dr Corsi and AJ are in agreement that their high level contacts say that the board is compromised by black hats to divide the community. Only open source documents have been used since and no de novo intel has been provided yet. The tone and content has changed and seems more formulaic or algorithmic. Profiteering seems to be an odd anti-Trump socialistic accusation to level at credentialed Patriots like JC and AJ.

Given that POTUS has control of MI and the NSA it seems unlikely that he could not take control back if indeed it was hacked.

Option 2:

POTUS wants to shut down Q.

It may be that POTUS feels that Q has become a cult and prevents/reduces critical thinking. Many have felt that everything Q says must be true without doing the research. Maybe POTUS feels that Patriots ought to take control of their political future rather than learn by osmosis.

The next phase of the plan clearly involves engaging Iran. JC has a long history of integration with Israel in a business sense. He may be perceived by POTUS as being too much on the side of Christian Zionism and therefore a hindrance at this stage. Shutting down Q would take this out of play. The Iranians would also be following Q.

It is possible that little high level classified intel remains to be disseminated and as such Q has lost its purpose. The Show is unalterable and thus Q is surplus to requirements.

Importantly past operational info/disinfo may not be deliverable and by paring back Q then expectations can be lowered or not need to be addressed. The speed of arrests is one such frustrating example.

The next phase involves the risk of mob violence and telegraphing outcomes through Q may be an operational hazard best avoided.

Letting Q peter out with no more real inside information may be the only way forward as the Patriotfight stage plays out.

Option 3:

POTUS wants to continue Q with AJ/JC offering similar but slightly different narratives to further confuse the deepstate and force them into mistakes. The narratives on each side could force even more critical thinking to educate the population.

Most importantly this would enable the MAINSTREAMING of Q. Alex Jones is a polarising character to the fascist/intolerant/anti-freedom left wing Politically Correct Zealots. If he were to be seen as supporting Q then many would refuse to look at the information Q provides. By distancing AJ in particular, it could lead to the ability of Q to attract many people, who understand that the MSM is not giving truthful information.

Dr Jerome Corsi may re-join Q once Iran has been sorted. There may be an eventual reuniting at some point in the future.

See next post….

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