Post – 13th May 2018 – B

13 May Post – 13th May 2018 – B

The views expressed in this post are the sole opinions of Dr Russell McGregor, Psychiatrist. The views do NOT represent the opinions of anyone else at The Northern Beaches Psychiatrist and Psychologist Family Medical Practice.

An important update on Iran.

Q has clearly been telling us for months that the plan is for peace with NK then Iran then Europe. NK is sorted and actually so is Iran.

Q explains that Hillary and Bill Clinton organised Uranium One with the deepstate. In other words 20% of American Uranium would go to Russia with a $145 million dollar kickback to the Clinton Foundation. However the Uranium went in a convoluted manner through Canada and NK such that it ended up in a black ops site in Syria. This site was a part of the deepstate plan to facilitate the Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPOA) negotiated by John Kerry.

The Deal involved Iran receiving plane loads with crates of American Dollars. These monies were distributed to Iranian Politicians and EU politicians/deepstate operatives. Iran would agree not to develop Nuclear weapons supposedly with this deal. However the Deal was NEVER signed. It was never enforced. Thus no real inspections took place. Iran could then make Nuclear weapons in Syria and potentially then use them on Israel or Europe. The EU politicians did not care about the proliferation of Nuclear weapons only lining their pockets. Many globalist companies made money out of the lifting of sanctions too. Obama continued the Deal. Israel has opposed the Deal for obvious reasons and it has always been a personal point of contention between Obama and Netanyahu. It was one of the reasons why Netanyahu backed President Trump, apart from POTUS being a clear Christian Zionist. POTUS does not break promises. Israel has been bombing these sites and Iranian troops in Syria over the past week or so to show Iran that the Deal can not continue in practice in any case. It is unfortunate that Syrians are affected by this, they have been through so much already.

Today an Iranian Politician threatened to out the kickbacks to involved EU/American Politicians, whilst a compromised deepstate Nuclear Inspector, Tero Varjoranta, suddenly quit.

Q insinuates that the Iran deal is tougher than NK, but it will be done, or has been done. Once U1 is exposed then the Iran peace deal on Trumps terms will be put in place. The previous deal has been jettisoned as promised by POTUS. This new deal will be good for Iran too and for World Peace. John Kerry has been breaching the Logan Act whilst trying to convince the Iranians to continue the deal for the deepstate. Strange the MSM does not pick up on this glaring anomaly, after presenting the Russian Collusion Delusion daily for almost two years. Laughingly here the evidence is obvious.

Merkel and Macron attempted to sway POTUS with trips to the WH but failed. They are terrified of the consequences of the Deal being exposed. Obama has been running around the world trying to talk others into maintaining the Deal as well. The EU will fall and this will be a part of the end of this evil edifice.

The Clinton/Obama Iran Deal is massive. It is Treason and Corruption on a Grand scale. I am not aware of Australian ties, but as a Five Eyes member, we know everything and have done NOTHING about it.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

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