Post – 29th April 2018

29 Apr Post – 29th April 2018

Post – 29th April 2018

The views represented in this post are the sole opinions of Dr Russell McGregor, Psychiatrist. The views do NOT represent the opinions of anyone else at The Northern Beaches Psychiatrist and Psychologist Family Medical Practice.

The deepstate really has been given a bait and switch by President Trump. The MSM has not been able to recapture the narrative as it has been brilliantly outmanoeuvred.

What we are all seeing is just Theatre. It is a show which has been well prepared and the plan is now finally coming to fruition. Essentially the Military Generals and the President have needed to proceed with a task to bring the criminals to trial without the mind controlled population getting violent. The left is full of very dangerous individuals who will riot for any reason they can muster and will be goaded on by the MSM. Hence Trump has laid a plan whereby the left believed that impeachment would occur through the Mueller Special Council investigation. The media has become tied to this wish. However it seems that both Mueller and Rosenstein are black hats turned into white hats. They were previously involved in U1 money laundering and 9/11 etc but Trump has turned them on the promise of a Presidential pardon in return for a double agent role. The Russian Collusion Delusion has proceeded as has the Flynn charging, however it has now become apparent that these will end with no evidence or in Flynn’s case falsified evidence. Trump could never fire Mueller for fear of riots. It will now pan out that Mueller either steps down or begins to target the Clintons/Podesta/Obama etc.

Now that the FBI has been cleaned out, Huber and Horowitz can pursue cases. Many in the FBI have turned states evidence including Stzrok and Page. The Cohen raid was signed by Rosenstein. Thus it was likely a plot not to get info on Trump, but rather as a means to introduce evidence to court of documents found – 600,000 Clinton e-mails? This evidence will go against the deepstate.

Q is saying that the deepstate may have finally worked out the double agent switch and now it is up to them as to their next move. Trump is clearly in control and is ready for contingencies. It is true that some Patriotic sources are worried about UK/France/Germany starting a war to prevent the takedown. We certainly live in trying times. Merkel, May and Macron are certainly black hats. Google Merkel + snake dance + Greece and watch the video. Also see Macron’s devil hand signal at his recent photo op with Trump and Melania. They are literally fighting for their lives to prevent Trump from bringing freedom to the world. However their role is peripheral. Everything turns on the USA.

The minor release of the draft gmail group emails between Strzok and Page seem to indicate that they thought drafts could not be traced. It will be interesting to see if foreign agents are linked with these correspondences when released.

After NK, Iran will be next on the agenda.

The Storm is here!

Still no reply from Tony Abbott about Five Eyes spying on Trump and Australian taxpayer funds to the Clinton Foundation etc.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

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