Post – 28th April 2018

28 Apr Post – 28th April 2018

Post – 28th April 2018

The views represented in this post are the sole opinions of Dr Russell McGregor, Psychiatrist. The views do NOT represent anyone else at The Northern Beaches Psychiatrist and Psychologist Family Medical Practice.

The Mother of All Bombs (MOAB) is alluded to come next week. Q is implying that this will involve the release of the texts/e-mails between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page – some 50,000+. These lovers at the FBI apparently were planning with others to assassinate either President Trump or a family member of the President. Foreigners were said to be involved. Clearly the bid was not successful but the level of planning is the important aspect. Whether it was just off the cuff references or detailed operations is the question. The MSM kills this story with silence as they always do. The DOJ did release some texts to Congress yesterday, but they were redacted.

Hence – #releasethetexts

The full unredacted texts/e-mails are required. The NSA has all of these and they have given them to the DOJ awhile ago. If pressure is placed on Congress then the people of the world can see the deepstate for what it is. Thus spread the hashtag please.

Q also feels that the 502 alterations by Strzok will come out which made Flynn plead guilty to a process crimes. This was done to pressure Flynn by blackmail to make up evidence against Trump with regard to Russian Collusion. Judge Sullivan through the Brady Law may well find this out as well. If this becomes public then Mueller will need to end the Russian Collusion Delusion witch-hunt and Flynn will be freed. The House Intelligence Committee produced its report yesterday which showed there was no collusion. MSM did not report this. Once the Russian lies are out of the way then the deepstate is going to be prosecuted with multiple unsealed indictments gradually being ripped open.

People around the world will find it very difficult to come to terms with how the deepstate has controlled them. The Rothschild’s will have their NWO dealt a fatal blow and the paedophiles and Satanists will be outed worldwide. Q has just trolled John Legend and his links to Hillary/Obama/Haiti. This will take time but will be sickening.

Unfortunately the JFK files were set aside for another three years. Hopefully Trump can reconsider this again earlier. Bush senior will be dead soon and justice will not be served.

Interestingly 9/11 families have filed a case alleging demolition of the three towers involved. Hard to wipe this off with President Trump in power! Very big deal. Some pollies here will be in a little bit of trouble too.

Yesterday there was confirmation that the Clinton Foundation paid $50 million for the Steele dossier, once again the MSM ignored this entirely. The CF was also at the centre of money laundering and CIA drug/child/organ trafficking. This will come out in time too. The Clinton gun running from Libya through Turkey to ISIS may come out in the e-mails. The truth about Ambassador Stevens was sacrificed to hide this in the Benghazi scandal will be apparent. The 30,000 Hillary Private server e-mails are held by the NSA and should come out in time too, which may shed light on a lot of very sick behaviours.

Most applicable to Australian’s is that when the deepstate falls in America, we will need our own Treason Trials. This sould be proceeded by a live/public real-time telecast of a Royal Commission into deepstate operations in Australia. This should have gaol terms for lying and also have criminal prosecutorial powers. Every high ranking politician, public servant and media executive will attend. The powerful behind the curtain actors will be exposed. Cross examinations will be fierce. We must be prepared and educated.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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