Post – 25th April 2018

25 Apr Post – 25th April 2018

Post – 25th April 2018

The views represented in this post are the sole opinions of Dr Russell McGregor, Psychiatrist. The views do NOT represent the opinions of anyone else at The Northern Beaches Psychiatrist and Psychologist Family Medical Practice. This qualification is no longer relevant as the practice has closed – not sure why I bothered, just habit I guess.

The Medical Council of NSW has deliberately bankrupted both me personally and also the Company/Practice. I deeply apologise for the enormous and in some cases devastating effect upon our patients/staff. The Council has taken away my right to work as a Doctor because of my Political opinions, which they believe are signs of psychosis, and wrong. They made these decisions in full knowledge of the consequences to all. I am still in shock at the actions of the Medical Council of NSW.

In particular they do not like that I believe in “Global Conspiracies” revolving around the takedown by Trump/Q of Paedophilia/Satanism/Child Trafficking Networks controlled by elites in America and around the world. Very sad that this can happen in Australia. The truth though, is that these positions have long been established, by the deepstate in Government both passively and directly. Look at how the ABC has a continuing intimidation of Journalists strategy, in place, through Media Watch as an example.

Anyways back to things that hopefully can be changed.

Q has stated in post 1252 that PATRIOTS HAVE NO SKIN COLOUR. This is just the most pleasing and brilliant announcement by President Trump. The left has divided through identity politics and this has prevented unity. When Haiti Child Trafficking comes out, both in organs and for sex, this will turn on the Democrats and the deepstate. The Red Cross will be implicated as a CIA front for drugs and Child Trafficking.

Mueller gone in one week I think, then Flynn back. Then the legal games begin!

Dr Jerome Corsi has once again informed that the indictments will eventually lead to Military Court proceedings for both Hillary and Obama. There are just so many ways this could happen.

Can’t wait for the DOJ to make the Strzok and Page texts available. They will shed light on FISA abuses and more.

Macron could not convince Trump to continue the Iran accord, which involved sending planes with $250 billion dollars in crates to Tehran. Kickbacks then occurred all around the world. Trump will deal with Iran the same way as NK. NK deal is done – no problem. If the CIA/deepstate in Iran can be taken out then all good.

Cryptically Q says The Pope will have a bad May – if you see the reaction of Melania when she looked at the Pope it is not difficult to work out what is involved.

Still awaiting Tony Abbott’s response from my previous post.

Most importantly, as Australian’s we must clean up when the Great Awakening arrives here.

Make Australia Great again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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