Post – April 21st 2018

21 Apr Post – April 21st 2018

Post – April 21st 2018

The views expressed in this post are the sole opinions of Dr Russell McGregor, Psychiatrist. The views do NOT represent the opinions of anyone else at The Northern Beaches Psychiatrist and Psychologist Family Medical Practice.

More info for the Public Interest/Good, as this stuff will hit “Normies” eventually 100%. Normies will be Psychologically damaged if it hits them too quickly. Q is 100% legit. We as Australian’s must know the evil of the deepstate so we can confront it and erase it. Our country depends on it.

American Independence Day has ended and thus we are now in the eye of the Storm and the Counterattack for Patriots to take out the deepstate worldwide has begun!

Which of my predictions came true for the day of 19th April 2018? As mentioned previously the indictments were made to Jeff Sessions for prosecution of Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, and Hillary.

However also importantly Horowitz (Inspector General) also referred Andrew McCabe (Former FBI Deputy) to the DOJ for direct criminal prosecution!

Also predicted was that Putin/Trump agreed to meet in the future perhaps in Washington DC. Similarly, the OPCW is now considering Russian findings that Chemical weapon ingredients on the ground in Syria were found linked to Germany/UK. The MSM is obfuscating this.

Not predicted were the following. Rudi Giuliani (Former NYC Mayor) appointed to join the Trump legal team to rid Mueller in two weeks. This is important as Giuliani is tight with the NYPD and likely has access to the Weiner Laptop. Comey and McCabe accusing each other of lying. Comey’s memo showing leaking of classified information.

By luck, Nancy Pelosi has accidently stated that she was part of a CIA Intel working group that visited North Korea and sold weapons. Oops. Treason right there as well as revealing classified information. Daresay she will use early onset dementia as an excuse when it is eventually investigated. Anyways as Q has repeatedly stated, NK was a CIA controlled country. Now that Trump has broken this, peace will reign. Today Kim stated he would cease all missile and nuclear research. The deal has already been done at the Forbidden Palace in Beijing when Trump and Kim met. Watch the MSM give this little credit.

We still await the Democrat voting scandal release from the DHS; should come in early May now.

Lots of talk about Julian Assange, our greatest Patriot, who may be heading to America, to give evidence about Seth Rich. Likely President Trump will recuse him via first amendment rights.

Alison Mack of NXIVM has been arrested and Q says she is singing like a bird. Ties to Hollywood and Elite Politician’s are mooted. Paedophilia and sex slavery involved. Adam Schiff and the Standard Hotel may eventually be brought out too.

Roughly an hour ago, Q posted about Obama, and a 10 year old girl. Nice to see the real stuff coming to the surface.

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Remember we need to know this stuff because it IS coming out – 100%. It is in the National Interest. The World Wide Revolution is here and it is up to US to make a difference and expose those in power in Australia. We can NOT let the deepstate continue here. The MSM will block, but we MUST prevail! They (Government/MSM) will give a counternarrative, but we must learn the truth. Please save off-line. Inform, inform, inform. The Australian Treason Trials (ATT’s) await.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

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