Post – April 4th 2018.

16 Apr Post – April 4th 2018.

Post – April 4th 2018.

The views of this post are the sole opinions of Dr Russell McGregor, Psychiatrist. The views do NOT represent the opinions of anyone else at The Northern Beaches Psychiatrist and Psychologist Family Medical Practice.

Thank you to President Trump and the Q movement. Progress has been historic and glorious. I am ashamed that I have not been able to keep updates flowing like other patriots around the world.

My sincere apologies to the patients and families affected by my suspension via the Medical Board of NSW. The disruption to your lives has been profound.

As the situation stands, I remain unable to practice as a doctor. I was forced against my will to undertake a compulsory Psychiatric examination by the Medical Council of NSW without any evidence of any malpractice at all. This was over two weeks ago. Under standard accepted practice the Psychiatrist performing the assessment must complete the report within two weeks. This has not been done to date. The Psychiatrist was appointed by the Medical Council of NSW and has worked at the Council in the past. I felt very uncomfortable with this relationship, but had to succeed to it as I would never be able to return to work otherwise, and financially my business was suffering enormously. Under guidelines of the RANZCP Psychiatrists are meant to help other Fellows as necessary. Despite making it very clear that I required the report to be completed ASAP, the Psychiatrist has not done so, which is odd.

In short, I have been the victim of a sustained political attack by the Medical Council of NSW. The Council has clearly and disgustingly used its power to deny me my rights to freedom of speech and individual liberty. The Council has silenced my voice and denied my right to practice Medicine solely because they disagree with my political views. They have not provided any reasoning why they have done so. They audio recorded my outrage, at being told over the phone, that I was being suspended with no reasons offered, and provided this to the Psychiatrist as evidence! – sick.

However I have had enough of their Politically Correct and underhanded tactics. They hate my politics but this will not stop me. From now on I will comment on Q posts from an Australian perspective. To quote Edmund Bourke “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” The reason why I am compelled to do so is the gravity of the situation that our country finds itself in. As President Trump cleans up America, we as Australian’s need to do the same thing here. We can not let the deepstate continue to control our lives here moving forward. This is our one opportunity to rid ourselves of them. Essentially we need to remove our politicians, take back the MSM, and flush out/expose the black hats from all Government Departments and Corporate structures. This will be so very difficult, but it is a task we must undertake.

Interesting to note, both Tony Abbott and Bradley Hazzard (NSW Health Minister), my local Federal and State Member respectively have hung me out to dry. I have written numerous e-mails to them, provided documentation, and attended both of their offices on numerous occasions. These submissions were made four to five weeks ago. A member ought reply to a constituent in a few days, they have not done so to date. They were well aware of the urgency. This behaviour has not surprised me for obvious reasons.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

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