Post – 16th April 2018

16 Apr Post – 16th April 2018

Post 16th April 2018

The opinions in this post are the sole views of Dr Russell McGregor, Psychiatrist. The views do NOT represent the opinions of anyone else at The Northern Beaches Psychiatrist and Psychologist Family Medical Practice.

The prior posts dating back to 29th January 2018 have now been reinstated to the blog after having been removed.

Unfortunately one of the posts in March pertaining to the surveillance of Australians and all people’s worldwide has been lost. It was a long and detailed post, so I shall reiterate it briefly now and update as well.

Essentially Q, in March, discussed the complete surveillance of everyone worldwide by the deepstate using the “Five Eyes” Intelligence Alliance. This consists of Aust, NZ, US, Canada and the UK.

In 1981 the ECHELON network was started in Australia. It used Pine Gap and Geraldton to intercept satellite data from telephones, faxes and later the internet. The headquarters was in North Sydney/St Leonards. I would listen to Brian Wilshire from 2GB every night in those days and he would describe this ECHELON surveillance in detail. The MSM ignored it entirely. Later in 2006 the system was superseded by PRISM which tapped fibreoptic cables as satellite data was less prevalent. The point of the Five Eyes was to circumvent each countries Privacy laws which would otherwise have been treason. Thus each of the five countries collected data (emails, phone calls, internet usage etc) on individuals of interest, such as political adversaries, and would then share with the view to entrap/snare deepstate enemies. The citizens of each country were oblivious to these surveillance operations until Edward Snowden, disgruntled NSA contractor, leaked the secret operational documents via Powerpoint slides in 2013. He was subsequently hunted by the deepstate and fled to Russia. Q gives references to Facebook being a CIA creation which was then handed to Zuckerberg. Facebook therefore is also an arm of the deepstate surveillance state.

Similarly all the algorithms for Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube, Microsoft are designed to censor/filter and shadow ban conservative Patriot (anti-deepstate) views. President Trump has been using Q and possibly Snowden to force inject Twitter for brief periods and negate these algorithms.

The most relevant information for Australians provided recently by Q/Trump, is that Australia was central in assisting/setting up the surveillance of President Trump during and after the election using the Five Eyes. The FISA dossier enabled the Five Eyes to listen on all communications of Trumps team and also those of inserted Russian decoys/meetings. HRC, Obama, Loretta Lynch, Brennan and Clapper would then listen to the wiretappings of Trump every morning in the Situation Room at the White House! That means the Australian Government was directly attempting to subvert a US election and then afterwards overthrow a duly elected President! I am no lawyer, but if there is an extradition treaty to the USA, then our politicians/ASIO are looking at long periods in jail (not gaol). Little wonder that Q says Australia will now request an investigation into the hundreds of millions of dollars we have funnelled into the Clinton Foundation. I daresay our politicians have flipped, but it doesn’t mean we should let them get away with it. The MSM of course completely ignores these deepstate operations.

It was laughable to watch the MSM/progressives beg for war with Syria for the idiotically fabricated chemical attacks. Assad’s motives (or lack there of) were conveniently completely ignored. The whole game was a firecracker show as explained prior to the event by Q. It was all a part of the plan. Eventually there will be a pullout of Syria and a grand reapproachment with Russia. The deepstate in Iran will be next.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor


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