Post – 12th April 2018

16 Apr Post – 12th April 2018

Post – 12th April 2018

The views expressed in this post are the sole opinions of Dr Russell McGregor, Psychiatrist. The views do NOT represent anyone else at The Northern Beaches Psychiatrist and Psychologist Family Medical Practice.

Information for all Australian Patriots interested in freedom and liberty.

The next few weeks will see rapid progress in the counterattack against the deepstate by President Trump. The Psychological effect upon the politically unaware will be profound. We are indeed at the onset of “The Storm”, the greatest political awakening of our lifetime.


To ready yourself for these historic changes it is possible to garner information long suppressed by the MSM.

President Trump has assigned a Military Intelligence Operative, Q (Q level clearance), to disseminate intelligence at a level and depth never attempted before in history. President Trump knows that knowledge is the enemy of the deepstate and this will unlock their grip on power.

Q posts are with absolute mathematical certainty a direct communication from President Trump. I stake my reputation upon this. He knows every Q post made and approves of each. Q is NOT a “conspiracy”. It is a certain Military Operation from the US Government.

The Q posts are seen on the following sites: (they are identical on each site)

These sites simply compile the Q posts from the Chan Boards, which are the last bastion of free speech available. The President updates the posts or drops/breadcrumbs most days via Q. Socratic dialogue encourages the reader to research the topics. These Q posts appear cryptic at first but are understandable if studied over time.

An important concept to decode the Q posts is that “future proves past”. Q creates a circular flow that can be cross-checked with news and political occurrences. Q must have plausible deniability when disclosing operations. Thus the drops lead to understanding once the subject becomes public. This validates that the Great Awakening is real. Q can also but seldomly provide disinformation for operational reasons, such as President Trump does with Twitter, to put the deepstate off-guard and not telegraph moves. However if this happens he later explains and rectifies. Worldwide intelligence entities are glued to Q. The MSM refuses to acknowledge Q as they are controlled by the deepstate.

The Q posts are interpreted by Dr Jerome Corsi (Harvard Professor and long-term best friend of President Trump) in a Socratic fashion to educate. He performs these decodes on his youtube channel most days. They can be tedious decodes but they derive startling information garnered no where else.

One can also view the direct Q posts on the 8 chan board. Q uses a Tripcode – !xowAT4Z3VQ – which can not be hacked or spoofed. He has however changed it a few times. Unfortunately the chan boards take a week or so to confidently negotiate.


To gain access direct to the 8 Chan Boards for Q: (do not be concerned with the ads and Japanese anime)

scroll down to the mid-bottom left side and locate the “Search” box. Enter qresearch in the “Search titles…” and wait

then click on /qresearchlinks/

then scroll down to NEW Q BOARDs and click on >>>/qresearch/

At this point there is much info on Q. The QResearch# and QMAP are good sources where anons (Patriots) write.


The other excellent source of info is

search for greatawakening then r/greatawakening


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

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