11 Feb Post – February 11th 2018

16 Apr 11 Feb Post – February 11th 2018

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Post – February 11th 2018
The views of this post are the sole opinion of Dr Russell McGregor, Psychiatrist. The opinion
expressed does NOT represent the views of anyone else at The Northern Beaches
Psychiatrist and Psychologist Family Medical Practice.
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The greatest political transformation in American history since the Civil War/WWI and II, is
occurring right before our eyes and the MSM are completely ignoring it. Investigative
journalism is not only long dead it is actively vilified.
Q’s breadcrumbs are telling us that Trump is arresting high ranking politicians/CIA/FBI
deepstate operatives. Q is saying that suicides will follow but that clemency for singing early
is still on the table. Personally, I hope that those involved chose to co-operate with law
enforcement, rather than take their own lives before arrest. Compassion for one’s enemies,
no matter how heinous their crimes, is something we as a society must accept. This is what
separates our morals/ideology as patriots from them.
It will be fantastic when the child and drug trafficking overseen by the deepstate and CIA is
exposed. Similarly when the organ harvesting networks protected by those as high as
Hillary/Obama come to light, we can all see how disgusting this whole “business” actually is.
Kidney/Lung/Heart/Cornea trafficking has great profit as the demand for these parts is
enormous for transplants. There are more than 100,000 recipients on the waitlists in the
USA alone. The body parts also are used for satanic ritual/dinner purposes by the elites too.
Afghanistan is a CIA cash cow for the narcotic trade.
Wonderful to see Q trolling David Rothschild. The elites pulling the strings are terrified of the
“light” that President Trump will bring.

All current Australian politicians will need to be voted out so that the new patriot’s can start
the Australian Treason Trials (ATT’s). The media will need to be cleaned out too.
Most of ASIO are decent people. Their roles are compartmentalised so they do not see the
big picture waged against their country. Nevertheless the lower 95% still do not have the
gumption to understand what the top 5% is imparting upon our country. They are too
incompetent to know that the laws of Physics were suspended, for 11th September 2001, if
their bosses narrative is to be believed.
In Australia, journalism courses actively select for deepstate propagandists and then
eradicate any free thought. The result is that the deepstate finds it easy to impart their
agenda. Career suicide occurs for anyone who wants to put their country first.
The lovely Medical Council of NSW, a clear bastion of free speech, have ramped up their
threats towards me for writing this blog, instead of backing off. They are currently
intimidating me with actions obviously intent on removing my medical registration. This is
despite no patient making a complaint against me for any medical reason – rather the
“Pharmaceutical Regulatory Board” has done so after perusing this blog. I have been
patently informed by e-mail that I will be required to lawyer-up. This will be costly but I do
not give in to principle. More to come.
Spread the word. Our future depends on it.
Dr Russell McGregor

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