06 Feb Post – 6th February 2018

16 Apr 06 Feb Post – 6th February 2018

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Post – 6th February 2018
The views of this post are the sole opinion of Dr Russell McGregor, Psychiatrist. The views
do NOT represent any other employees of The Northern Beaches Psychiatrist and
Psychologist Family Medical Practice.
The gravity and significance of recent events in the American political system remain historic
and pivotal.
President Trump has been masterful thus far in his tactics to expose the deepstate.
However the next few months will determine whether he has been successful in regaining
freedoms, long lost for Americans, and by extension for many peoples around the world.
This blog is designed as a shout out for Australian patriots to spread the word by social
media and also to engage in inquisitive personal investigation of happenings.

Those of us who are red-pilled know that our governance is in a mess and that our
politicians and media do not represent us and have not done so in our lifetime.
Military Intelligence aligned with President Trump have devised a method to bypass MSM
and educate the population to the sedition and treason that has occurred in America. This
was originally through the chan boards (4chan and then 8chan, when 4chan became
compromised). These boards are the closest and most effective manor to full free-speech
which can not be adulterated.
Tripcodes enable a hack free environment. Exact co-ordination with President Trump tweets
demonstrates full veracity and authenticity of information from source.
Q is the acronym given to the Military Intelligence person or team who disseminates the
information. Conjecture is that Q is an Admiral in the US Navy, but this has not and will not
be confirmed.
The style of teaching is the Socratic Dialogue method. In Psychiatry this is used primarily in
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and is an evidence-based approach to imparting
information to patients. Thus Q poses questions and requests the reader to investigate
authenticity and research/cross reference hypothesis. It is an effective way to impart
information. As with all intelligence there is the capacity for disinformation if
circumstances necessitate it. This must always be taken into account. However Q knows that
patriots are triggered by lies whereas liberal Marxists are triggered by the truth. Hence the
general capacity to disseminate lies will not be accepted by the patriot community.
Dr Jerome Corsi is a clear Military Asset of President Trump. They have a close friendship. Dr
Corsi is in military protection and is tasked to interpret the Q postings. It is assumed that Dr
Corsi is aligned with Trump tactics. The veracity of Dr Corsi has been accurate thus far.
To be sure, I am not a military asset. I have never had any intelligence association ever.
Although when much younger I was peripherally involved in patriotic parties before deciding
to concentrate on medicine. Many “patriot” bloggers insinuate that they have some sort of
MI integration to gain kudos. They give opinions implying origination from source which
then fragments the message. This is not helpful. From my research there seems to be at
best three primary sources who are well known and obvious. Any others ought be judged
with an objective mind.

Recent sedition and treason involving the Coup d’état have been succinctly summed-up
by Judge Jeanine and Hannity in their recent YouTube posts of “opening statement 3/2/18″
and “opening monologue 2/2/18″.  A number of complex aspects of the Memo and main
protagonists are simply laid out. This can be a brief introduction for “normies”.
As expected the MSM have been hyperbolically dishonest. They hide the obvious facts and
confuse the public. This is causing many to re-examine the accepted narrative and consider
alternative media explanations. Make no mistake there is an information war between the
deepstate who wish to enslave us and the patriots who wish for the full restoration of
freedoms and the rule of law. Our very future is in the balance as this battle in the USA will
determine our fate in Australia.
A fine sign that we are winning is the panic amongst ASIO and politicians in Australia. The
“Cabinet Files” psyop is an obvious ruse to set up “Secrecy Laws” which will lead to
Journalists/whistleblowers being jailed for up to 20 years for “receiving” government
information. Why is this necessary at this point in time and why is it necessary to rush it
through parliament? The simple answer is that events in the USA mean that transparency is
possibly coming here rather quickly – say 9/11 and Iraq war, etc etc etc. They are covering
their derriere’s.
Interesting to see the paedophile “blood ritual”/”sadistic ritual” arrests in the Blue Mountains
today. Wonderful to see the police doing some sterling work. Hopefully the victims can get
the support they deserve. Unfortunately these arrests are unlikely to involve paedophile
elites as they were indeed arrested. Having said that the issue is less prominent here than in
the USA/Europe.
Had a wonderful phone call and e-mail from the Medical Council of NSW yesterday. They
stated that they received a complaint about me from the “Pharmaceutical Regulatory Unit”
about posting a blog regarding “patriotism in Australia”. Hence they have ordered me to
undertake a compulsory “Psychiatric assessment”. This will be fun!
Dr Russell McGregor

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