03 Feb Post – 3rd February 2018

16 Apr 03 Feb Post – 3rd February 2018

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Post – 3rd February 2018

The view expressed in the following post is the sole opinion of Dr Russell McGregor,
Psychiatrist. It does not represent the opinion of anyone else at The Northern Beaches
Psychiatrist and Psychologist Family Medical Practice.
The first of many victories for people who want freedom in this world is complete. The
Nunes Memo has the deepstate in an apoplectic fit. Fortunately there has been no civil
unrest to date. Soros and his cohorts want to do so but have not achieved it. President
Trump has the Military under his command and the rogue elements of the CIA and FBI are
in retreat. The NWO is collapsing – have no doubt.
The MSM did not want the Memo released as it would cause “damage” to various
institutions. Now they state it is a nothing-burger. They can not have it both ways. The
MSM also says the Memo is based on falsities – but then do not implore for release of the
correlational documentation demonstrating the content of the Memo. Odd. They know that
Trump will release this evidence in time after the public has had time to digest the Memo.
Expect that the non-redacted 99 page document will be the next battleground. This will
wake up many and help them understand the matrix they have been in.
Sessions is diligently gathering evidence for multiple trials. McCabe has cracked and is
singing to save his hide. Mueller may continue the Russian collusion delusion or he may
turn. It is possible he has been a double agent all along. Only Trump knows this. Either way
the next phase will be fought in court. Obama and Hillary are toast.
Expect the Paedophilia and child torture/cannibalism to be fully exposed prior to the mid-
terms in November. Research “Podesta Art” and “Podesta spirit cooking” to understand the
type of satanic rituals these world “liberal” leaders have engaged in. The evidence will be
show Pizzagate was true. Celebrities will take centre stage with politician’s and deepstate
players. The MSM has known about this for fifty years but they kill it with silence. These
elites use the satanism to project fear against white hats. Anyone who is able to perform
these satanic acts against children with the complicit MSM hiding the facts, is of course
someone, who would be considered untouchable. These elites use this fear to achieve
power. This cohesion and the ability to assassinate opponents/whistleblowers gave absolute
power – until Trump.
9/11 truth will be game over. Trump has promised to do this too. He has not broken a
promise yet and will not do so. This will be revealed when the American and world peoples
are ready to accept and have been desensitised to the treason involved from the globalists.

Spread the word that we are winning. Follow Q.
As a side note. Watch how the MSM in Australia is unwilling to speak of the tremendous
awakening rapidly evolving in America. The Australian people will hold our media to account
in the Australian Treason Trials (ATT’s).
Make Australia Great Again.
Dr Russell McGregor

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