30 Jan Post – 30th January 2018

16 Apr 30 Jan Post – 30th January 2018

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Post – 30th January 2018
The post below represents the sole opinion of Dr Russell McGregor, Psychiatrist. It does
NOT represent the opinion of anyone else employed or associated with The Northern
Beaches Psychiatrist and Psychologist Family Medical Practice.
Thank you to the GOP Patriots of The House Intelligence Committee for approving the
release of the Memo! This will be the start of the worldwide global awakening to our
enslavement by the deepstate. Over the course of 2018 there will be regular dumps of
information by President Trump which will lay out just how close we have all been to the
complete loss of our freedoms. I hope that the Australian people will use this knowledge to
wisely transform our political and judicial landscape to prevent this from ever occurring
again. It is up to all of us to be involved in this process and to reflect/understand the failings
of each of us to have let this happen. Everyone no matter which party or philosophy that we
have stubbornly adhered to must learn the lessons of our individual and collective mistakes.
President Trump is a showman. He will release the Memo at the optimal time. It may be
during or after the SOTU address. It may be within the speech or reference may be made for
us to read it ourselves. It will be shocking. It will be treasonous. However it will only be the
beginning of victories to come as the people of the world are gradually red pilled. This
process ought be slow, as the cognitive dissonance will be great. Over time those who have
the strength to confront their brainwashing will slowly wake up. Others will resist to the end,
with the truth colliding too heavily with their lifelong political ideologies. Nevertheless we
must educate and make use of evidence to support the truth. It will be hard. It be
frustrating. The deepstate has used psychological demoralisation for the past fifty years, we
should recognise this, but understand that we have the power to change the geopolitical
map. We will save ourselves and our loved ones if we take risks and follow through. There is

no need for violence or aggression as the truth will win your arguments. Be bold and be
brave. This fight will be won if we take the responsibility to make a difference. We are
winning and this momentum will only increase!
Study the Frankfurt School and Saul Alinsky. This is a start. Understand 9/11 truth and
Operation Mockingbird. Understand the rorts of the Central Banks and the globalist elites
organisation of power through the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberger’s and even
Bohemian Grove. Investigate the worldwide media monopolies and the algorithms which
have been skewed against Patriots via Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Research the Internet Bill of Rights. Understand the Military Industrial Complex and the
thirst for endless wars.
Within the next year there will be a Military Tribunal. Obama, Hilary Clinton and Soros will
be prosecuted for a range of offenses. It will be startling. Those of us who have researched
these crimes for years will not be surprised. Others will be overwhelmed. The deepstate will
retaliate. The truth will win. Follow Q. Later the Bushes and McCain and a whole host of
Neocons will be brought to justice when 9/11 is exposed. There may be thousands in the CIA
controlled media, Hollywood, Banking, Multinational corporations and politics who will be
Julian Assange is not in the Ecuadorian Embassy. He is in either Switzerland or Washington.
Q and the MoD, SVR (Kremlin) confirm this. He is an Australian hero and would make a fine
future PM.
When the infant torture, rape and Satanic Rites cannibalism by elites is provided by Trump
on tape – seek the comfort of others.
Pay attention to the news cycle. Follow Q breadcrumbs on 8chan. Message, tweet, post
and discuss with friends an family. Be open to new knowledge and cross check information
Await the Australian Treason Trials (ATT’s). Good luck John.
Dr Russell McGregor

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