27 Feb Post – 27th February 2018

16 Apr 27 Feb Post – 27th February 2018

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Post – 27th February 2018
The views of this post are the sole opinion of Dr Russell McGregor, Psychiatrist. The views do
NOT represent the opinions of anyone else at “The Northern Beaches Psychiatrist and
Psychologist Family Medical Practice”.
Indictments are coming within a week! It seems that Jeff Sessions has multiple Military Trials
in progress. Dr Corsi believes these will become public imminently. The suggestion is that
Barry, the Bushes and Killary/Bill are potential recipients. It may be that the existence of the
trials will come before the content.
Perhaps the most intriguing happenings in the past week has been the unravelling of the
Florida shooting narrative. The deepstate has lost the media control and Florida is a
Republican state with potential oversight. There are so many ways this could all fall open.
New video testimonies are rolling out. All the main decision makers/players need to be
independently interrogated. Just one flipping for a plea bargain could be a gamechanger. If
this Psyop is exposed then all the other Psyops will be on the table. Bring the popcorn
Make Australia Great Again,
Dr Russell McGregor

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