25 Feb Post – 25th February 2018

16 Apr 25 Feb Post – 25th February 2018

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Post – 25th February 2018
The views expressed in this post are the sole opinions of Dr Russell McGregor, Psychiatrist.
The views do NOT represent the opinion of anyone else at “The Northern Beaches
Psychiatrist and Psychologist Family Medical Practice”.
I am going to call this today! (No I am not Antony Green!) We will win! There is no way that
the deepstate can turn this around, they have no ammunition left. President Trump will
auger in the worldwide Great Awakening. It began in Saudi Arabia, will be completed this
year in America and then will spread to Asia/Australia and finally to Europe. I can not see
this being stopped. It is in place. The Military has control. CIA/FBI/NSA/DHS are being
cleansed of black hats. Minor politician’s have made plea bargains. Resignations are
increasing. Patriots will be victorious – spread the word!
The only play the deepstate has left is the full censorship of Twitter/Facebook/Google and
Youtube. CNN is filing a lawsuit against Infowars to shut it down. Cooper Anderson, the CIA
plant, and his cronies are making their final assault on Patriots. The deepstate has already

demonetised many Patriot sites through algorithm censorship, completed banning and
outright revenue removal. This is the last battle.
It seems that Mueller may have withheld exculpatory evidence. Judge Sullivan has
ordered the turning over of material which Mueller requested the previous Judge be kept
confidential. If this is the case then Mueller’s role is doomed. Hopefully another Special
Council will then be appointed for U1 etc.
American’s must be so proud that President Trump has stated that the USA will finish ISIS
and pull out of Syria ASAP. He is true to his word. Operations have of course been stepped
down considerably since he took office but this is wonderful news! Isis is and always was a
deepstate proxy organisation. There was never a mandate from the Syrian people for
America to be there and as such actions were illegal. Its good that this wrong is being
Why are all the prior players so quiet? Bathhouse Barry, Killary, McCain, Podesta, Huma and
McCabe? Q says Military Tribunals are meeting in secret. We await results.
Nice that President Trump gave Q another wink – “we hear you”. Similarly Dr Corsi and Q are
in sync with responses timed on multiple occasions. Thus Dr Corsi is exactly transmitting
President Trump’s actions/views/needs with plausible deniability – smart.
Dr Corsi has outlined that Antonin Scalia, the now deceased former Justice of the Supreme
Court, died at a West Texas Ranch. This was well known. What was also well known was that
the autopsy was not performed despite mandatory guidelines. Dr Corsi says Scalia was a
member of The International Order of St Hubertus, a secret society that “hunted” young
children in the ranch for rape and murder. Dr Corsi says Scalia had his throat cut by a brave
young boy. Hence the President’s unofficial but obvious spokesman says that Satanic
practice’s were at hand in this unexplained death. Similarly Dr Corsi says Pastor Graham
was also a potential member of this elite society – makes sense. Rest in Hell.
Follow Q
Make Australia Great Again,
Dr Russell McGregor

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