25 Feb Post – 25th February 2018

16 Apr 25 Feb Post – 25th February 2018

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Post – 25th February 2018
The contents of this post are the sole opinion of Dr Russell McGregor, Psychiatrist. The views
do NOT represent the opinions of anyone else at “The Northern Beaches Psychiatrist and
Psychologist Family Medical Practice”.

The Medical Council of NSW has recently engaged in abuse of my female staff and me over
the phone. Abusing me is wrong but something I can take. Abuse of my junior staff is
unacceptable. I have informed them of such.
Despite requests to have the MC of NSW be transparent and inform me of who and why the
Pharmaceutical Regulation Agency made a complaint about the contents of this blog – there
has been no response. I did not attend a forced Psychiatric Examination. I refuse to pay the
college for not attending as they have ordered me to do. I refuse to justify my political
beliefs to the MC of NSW or any other regulatory body.
To simplify. The PRA made a complaint to the MC of NSW hours after I had started this
blog. I did mention Treason Trials/Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). The PRA identified the blog as
being about “Patriotism in Australia” and did not disclose why they were complaining. The
MC of NSW refuses to give the name of the complainer. The MC of NSW have only stated

that the PRA has made the complaint. Thus the conclusion I can only make is that the PRA
has made an organisational decision to complain against my political views/blog. Hence they
have convened as an organisation and written to the MC of NSW within hours of my blog
being put online. The following day the MC of NSW informed me that they would be taking
actions against me.
Sadly I have never had anyone comment to me about this blog since I started writing about
Q in January. The blog is hard to find on the website and likely never even read. It was
originally created three years ago only for SEO purposes. Why the PRA would read my blog
hours after it was put online is odd. The MC of NSW refuses to explain this. Why the PRA is
so interested in Politics is also odd.
The MC of NSW reads this blog. They do not like it obviously. It enrages/triggers them. I have
just been ordered to front/justify my political views at a Formal MC of NSW disciplinary
meeting. They are not backing off.
I have written to my local member, Hon. Tony Abbott, MP. I do not agree with his political
views. It will be interesting to see whether he feels that Q/Political Abuse in Psychiatry are
important issues.
I have sent the following citation to our Comrades at the MC of NSW. It has some big words
and difficult concepts:

Ending political abuse of psychiatry: where we are at and what needs to be done.
Robert van Voren
BJPsych Bull. 2016 Feb; 40(1): 30-33

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Make Australia Great Again,
Dr Russell McGregor

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