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Post – 22nd February 2018
This post represents only the sole views of Dr Russell McGregor, Psychiatrist. The opinions
do not represent the views of anyone else at “The Northern Beaches Psychiatrist and
Psychologist Family Medical Practice”.

Boom! The vote rigging in the US is now starting to hit the press as promised by Q. There
are references to QAnon in the Infowars article pertaining to such. The rigging will now gain
traction as will the existence of Q. As Q states the contents of his 8chan posts will be
discussed on all media platforms in the near future. Once the investigations into voting is
completed/exposed in mid-March, the Democrat party will be weakened significantly.
In fairness there has been some angst on the boards that more was not coming out quickly
enough. We ought be patient and wait for President Trump to play rope a dope and out the
deepstate. 2018 will be glorious! Assange has been countered by the Judge’s ruling. I’m sure
the result was not influenced by the Judge’s husband running a security firm with the ex-
head of MI6. Interesting she did not recuse herself.
Anyways, please wake up Jeff! Not the purple Wiggle but Jeff Sessions the AG! Once this
happens the hammer will drop.
There is a lot of Military Intelligence posting by Q, Delta – which obviously involves
operations but is not decipherable except to the intended recipients. The elites would be
terrified that Delta Force is now controlled by the white hats.
Soon Australians will understand that the Liberal/Labour/Greens/Nationals are all deepstate
players. Australians should know this after they have seen the mainstream coalitions
formed by both sides in the UK and Germany in recent times. This will become common
knowledge when the MSM’s narrative collapses as President Trump leads the Great
When the Awakening occurs the Critical Theory exponents of Marxism will implode. No
longer will we have to endure the constant denigration of our culture and freedoms by the
MSM. Australians will then realise the deepstate control of every facet of our lives is over.
Follow Q
Follow Dr Jerome Corsi
Make Australia Great Again.
Dr Russell McGregor

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