01 Feb Post – 1st February 2018

16 Apr 01 Feb Post – 1st February 2018

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Post 1st February 2018
The following post is the sole opinion of Dr Russell McGregor, Psychiatrist. The post does
NOT represent the views or opinions of anyone else at The Northern Beaches Psychiatrist
and Psychologist Family Medical Practice.
President Trump delivered the SOTU yesterday (Tuesday – Washington time). It was a direct
speech to all Americans and freedom loving peoples around the world announcing that
change will occur.
That change will almost certainly begin tomorrow with the release of the Memo. It is only
hours away. It may be delayed as late as Monday Washington time if another False Flag such
as the GOP train crash occurs. However it WILL happen as POTUS is safe and in a Military
bunker with other crucial Congress members.
POTUS will declare Martial Law in the USA. He will invoke a State of Emergency and impart
Military Powers to keep the citizens and non-deepstate white hats safe.
The controlled deepstate MSM will invoke alternative narratives. Do NOT be fooled!
The Memo will lead to Rosenstein and Mueller being fired. Hillary and Obama will be
prosecuted with certain jail time for treason, murder and fraud. Many others will be
implicated and arrested. It will shock the whole world. It is likely the black hats will be
interned in Guantanamo Bay pending trial. Wiretapping, Haiti, Fusion One Uranium, Seth
Rich, Benghazi, Hollywood and Arkansas will all be relevant – amongst so may other
The elite globalists including politicians, bankers, celebrities, journalists/MSM, corporate
financiers – will all face justice. This will not be confined to America. All over the world these
internationalists will be cornered.
Elite globalist satanic paedophiliac rituals, child trafficking, torture and cannibalism will
be exposed in time. It will change the political landscape forever. The elite use secret

societies and satanic infant/child abuse to maintain control and cohesion. The in-group
allegiance is absolute with these binding behaviours. The initiation rites enforce compliance
with the aims of the NWO – which is subjugation of the world’s people for their own benefit.
Do NOT be tricked. The deepstate is in control of all of the West. Westminster, Europe and
Australia are all affected. Paedophile networks and Cultural Marxism/The Corporate State
work hand in glove. Our politicians, elites and MSM are also complicit. They will feign
ignorance, but they know exactly how the world works and take advantage of it for their
own ego and gains.
Do not let those in charge of our country lead the narrative and thus maintain control. We
need to take back Australia!
Dr Russell McGregor

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