18 Feb Post – 18th February 2018

16 Apr 18 Feb Post – 18th February 2018

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Post – 18th February 2018

This post represents the sole views of Dr Russell McGregor, Psychiatrist. The opinions do not
represent anyone else at “The Northern Beaches Psychiatrist and Psychologist Family
Medical Practice”.
The past week has progressed at a furious pace. Mueller has finally released his 18 month
report in the making. The MSM has gone into overdrive attempting to regain the initiative.
The report clears President Trump but it is rather difficult to determine this from the MSM
hyperbole. This will be a side note in history. The main game awaits.
In the next few weeks or so the investigation into voter fraud will be outlined. The intel from
Dilley, Corsi and Q suggests that widespread Democrat falsification of votes has occurred,
particularly in previously Democrat held states, where they controlled the centres . The use
of voter machines, has enabled the democratic process to be corrupted. When this is
revealed, the American public will be outraged. It is important to note that here in Australia,
the deepstate, is attempting to change our pen and paper system to a fully computerised
one. We are fortunate enough to have one of the most transparent voting processes in the
world. It obviously does not need to change. However if it does go digital then the
controllers will effectively reduce our nation to that of a full dictatorship. Luckily the recent
on-line census was an unmitigated disaster and thus the deepstate has put computerised
voting on hold for the time being in Australia. I wonder if some white hats helped this along.
Interestingly Q has recently mentioned MKULTRA in the context of historical shootings by
Autistic patients. Essentially MKULTRA was a real operation/trial in America of hallucinogenic
(LSD) compounds in the 1960’s. Many believe that the use of repeated torture (electric
shock, rape etc) with drugs enabled “handlers” to scythe personalities/alters within the
victim by suggestion in dissociative states. This torture was used at a young age, often using
fairy tales, such as Alice in Wonderland, to garner learned behaviours and take the child
“over the rainbow” into dissociation. It is postulated that the CIA continued this trial after it
was supposedly shut down. Nowadays, hypothetically, Manchurian Candidates can be
triggered by words or phrases to robotically carry out functions which the handler has
trained them to do. Only those thought most susceptible to hypnosis are able to perform
these tasks. During my time working at POWH and RNSH I did see the occasional patient
with Multiple Personality Disorder in an acute setting although the prevalence
was extremely low. I was not able to follow these patients up and therefore can not
personally comment on the likelihood of MKULTRA-like programming. Obviously no clinical

trials have been published and the medical literature is entirely absent. If Q is right, and the
program did continue, then the perpetrators ought reap the full weight of the law.
Follow Q
Follow Dr Jerome Corsi
Follow Alex Jones
Attempt to read different views and challenge orthodoxy whilst holding your core values at
hand. If the information makes you reflect on your beliefs then all well and good. If the
information does not change your worldview then at least you can discuss/debate the
matters entailed. Freedom of thought and opinion is always preferable to intolerance of
Keep studying patriots!
Dr Russell McGregor

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