Why you should see an Exercise Physiologist

29 Nov Why you should see an Exercise Physiologist

In a modern world with lots of plans and not much leisure time, optimal health is becoming less of a priority whilst illnesses and life-long conditions are becoming a consequence. Exercise Physiologist are accredited and specialised with four years of University study to better understand the human body and how to integrate positive lifestyle and behavioural changes. Working alongside an Exercise Physiologist allows a person to learn how to exercise safely and correctly to reach or maintain particular health or weight related goals as well as having a unique and structured approach to increase a person’s ability to operate at optimal health, prevent or manage chronic diseases and illnesses as well as boost energy, enjoy a higher quality of sleep and live a more active life.

Here at the Northern Beaches Psychiatrist and Psychologist Family Medical Practice, Dr Daniel Hackett is our Exercise Physiologist on hand and is currently in the process of taking on more patients. Dr Hackett is one of the most highly qualified Exercise Physiologists around and specialises in graded exercise therapy and lifestyle interventions for the prevention and management of chronic diseases and injury. Also a lecturer at Sydney University, Dr Hackett actively researches and publishes frequently in international journals to promote the realm of exercise physiology whilst also improving the health status and general quality of life.

If you have been thinking or looking for a way to improve your general health, tackle a chronic illness or prevent a chronic illness that you may be at risk of developing, do not hesistate to contact us for more information or consult your General Practitioner!












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